Yeishan Goel, serves as Group CEO at THRS and brings over two decades of proven experience in strategic consulting, sales & marketing, luxury travel and brand marketing.

Yeishan has led several entrepreneurial ventures since 2001 in brand consulting, learning & development, technology migration, and marketing. In 2010, he founded THRS, where he continues to spearhead five business verticals across the Indian and Middle Eastern regions with a growing team of 50 top professionals in tourism & hospitality.

THRS has witnessed a remarkable journey under his leadership and is considered the top enterprise for integrated representation for luxury tourism brands in the region. With foundational expertise in group business strategy and client - centered innovation, he leads the developmental initiative for the brand.

A deeply respected hospitality & tourism expert, Yeishan has consulted several blue-chip global brands in consulting, technology, education and hospitality. A Cornell alum, he remains passionate about entrepreneurship, service impact, innovation and business transformation. He is an astute investor in the lifestyle and luxury space and enjoys building service value chains from the ground up.

Extremely well travelled, YG resides in New Delhi with his family and is often found in the most hidden of tourism locales in his constant pursuit to immerse in rare experiences.

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